About us

Treasure of arts and aesthetics around the corner

In the kingdom of arts, there is always some kind of indescribable power that draws the heart of people like magic, swirling them into different world, similar to the publications of Haruki Murakami that draw the readers and float in the fantasy world.

Sanyi Blossom Art Village Holiday Club is situated in Sanyi Township, the “Wood Sculpture Kingdom of Taiwan,” which is also near the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, April Snow Trail and Sanyi Wood Sculpture Street. Tourists can perceive the rich local characteristics and humanistic art atmosphere here.

Sanyi Blossom Art Village Holiday Club owns a refreshing and pleasant environment with exceptional building design, readily available natural views and the sculpture art works featuring local humanistic atmosphere to provide you with a tranquil mountain life experience. The remote mountain and forest views make the most perfect interpretation of Miaoli mountain cities so that you will not need to travel far to enjoy the leisure holidays in a tranquil mountain city.