Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum is the only public museum based on wood sculpture in Taiwan, which collects and exhibits the local and foreign wood sculpture art works. Later the Hall 2 expansion project was completed in May, 2003 with additional wood sculpture teaching, exhibition, collection, and library information room. The unique architecture design was also awarded with the first place in Taiwan Architecture Award. The rich library collection and facilities drive Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum into a new century and turn it into an international professional wood sculpture museum.


Shengxing Train Station

Situated in 402.326 meters above sea level and is the highest point in the vertical Taiwan Railway Route. The station was established in 1903 and situated on a small plateau of mountain valley. The entire building was made of wood and each marking pole does not use nails. Shengxing Train Station is surrounded by nine mountains while the scenic decorations of the station are skillfully designed. The flowers and trees are planted by the terrain in different levels and are very pleasant. Not many stations along the Taiwan Railway offer as much variety.


Longten Bridge

Heading southbound on mountain route railway from Miaoli Station, above the Longten River in 2 kilometers after Shengxing are the remaining beams with beautiful design and ancient style. Those are the remains of Longteng Bridge left from the scary central earthquake in Taiwan for the old town people. This broken red-brick bridge was built by the Japanese in 1905 while the masters building this bridge came from Guangdong, Chia. The Japanese valued highly on quality control and the entire bridge was made by red-brick cement without any steel bars used. However the structure was surprisingly rigorous and tight, which still remains today.


Tung Blossom Trail

Miaoli Park, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Hakka Affairs Council built this Tung Blossom Trail, where guests plank and pebble trail system lead tourists to perceive the beauty of Tung Blossom mountain and forest ecology. In the season of thriving tung blossom, guests can walk along the Banyue Pond Trail and appreciate the lake and beauty of public arts. It is also possible to overlook the entire Tungluo City and it feels like going into a snowing zone with the white flowers layering on the trail.


April Snow Trail

The hiking gate of April Snow Trail is on the right of Wood Sculpture Museum with the Chijushan Tea Farm on the end of the trail. The trail is about 20 minutes for one direction, which is sleeper trail. Moreover, there is the Chiju Tung Blossom Trail next to the April Snow Trail. The hiking gate is on the upper left hill of the hiking gate of April Snow Trail, with rock mountain path along the way. The Chijushan Tea Farm is also at the end of the trail, which two trails are the famous tung blossom trails during Tung Blossom Season.


Chijushan Tea Farm

Chujishan Tea Farm was previously named as Guangshen Tea Farm. The tea farmers trim the tree bushes in the orderly shape while the dark-green and flat tea farm follows the ups and downs of terrain like hundreds of green dragons flying around. The view is like a painting by taking a stroll in the farm with breeze and is surrounded by trees. Meanwhile guests can overlook the vessels in and out of Taiwan Bay with majestic horizon. The sky and ocean end in one line and is the best place for local residents to relax and exercise. Tourists from other places are also drawn to here on the holidays to go hiking and have picnic.

3D Landscape Painting

Hakka Corridor